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High Pressure Water Jetting

Clearing The Way With High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ)

High-pressure water jetting, often abbreviated to HPWJ, is a powerful system that utilises high-pressure water streams and specialized cleaning heads to clear drain pipes within your drainage network.
Blast Away Obstructions
This innovative system employs highly compressed water to operate the cleaning head, effectively blasting through drain obstructions, debris, and substances that impede water flow. Whether it’s sediment, grime, or stubborn blockages, HPWJ can swiftly clear the path and restore efficient drainage.

Applications of HPWJ

As part of a Planned Maintenance agreement, HPWJ is a proactive measure to keep drain pipes consistently clean throughout the year, ensuring they remain fully operational.

HPWJ is the go-to solution when blockages have been identified via a CCTV survey. It’s a swift and efficient method for eliminating grout build-up and obstructions.

If your site is experiencing drainage problems, such as ponding in the car park or water build-up in your drains or manholes, Arrowflow’s drainage team is just a call away.

Arrowflow’s specialist drainage services work to ensure that your sites remain free from standing water and drainage issues. We assist you in clearing, cleaning, and maintaining your drainage system, offering peace of mind that your outdoor estates are safe, compliant, and accessible year-round.

We operate on a 24 hour a day 7 days a week schedule to provide our range of drainage services across the North East and North Yorkshire. For emergency call outs please call 01642 688 732.

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Client Feedback

Really great company with a vast amount of experience and expertise.

R Dybell

Had blocked drain shared with neighbouring property. Explained the situation to Arrowflow, they gave a quote, but asked more questions and advised I contact Northumbrian

David Markers

Great, honest company:

N Orton